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Zoe has extensive experience creating engaging and exciting audiobooks. She works both as a freelancer for studios, as well as her own studio 'Creative Audiobooks'. For more information on her audiobook services, please take a look at her audiobook website

Below you can find a list of the audiobooks she has worked on. This may be; producing, recording, editing or mastering...or all of the above! These books may have been worked on through private clients or working as a freelancer/in house for other post houses/studios. 

Audiobook List

Lemn Sissay - My Name is Why

Anna Jacobs - Lancashire Lass 

Malorie Blackman - Crossfire 

Émile Zola - Germinal 

Mira Manek - Pranja 

Sara Paretsky - Blacklist 

David Lagercrantz - The Girl Who Lived Twice: A Lisbeth Salander Novel, Continuing Steig Larsson’s Millennium Series

Sally Green - The Demon World 

Wendy Clarke - We're Sisters

Amal Mohammed Al-Malki, David Kaufer, Suguru Ishizaki, Kira Dreher - Arab Women in Arab News: Old Stereotypes and New Media 

Nicole Trope - The Boy In The Photo

Elijah Lawal - The Clawback: Your Guide To Calling Out Racist Stereotypes

Grace Blakely - Stolen: How to Save The World From Financialisation

M.M Chouinard - The Dancing Girls

Karen Cole - Deceive Me

Tad Williams - Empire of Grass: The Last King of Osten Are

Sophie White - Filter This

Sue Rainsford - Follow Me To Ground

Kerry Watts - Heartlands 

Joan Smith - Home Grown: How Domestic Violence Turns Men Into Terroists

Owen Nicholls - Love Unscripted

Lisa Faulkner - Meant To Be

Michael Calvin and Thomas Bjorn - Mind Game: The Secret of Golf’s Winners

Sarah Lotz - Missing Person

Mary Stewart - My Brother Michael

Mary Stewart - Nine Coaches Waiting

Roisin Meaney - One Summer

Adam Ehrlich Sachs - The Organs of Sense

Geoff Dyer - Out of Sheer Rage

Paula Gooder - Phoebe: A Story

Hideo Yokoyama - Prefecture D

Peter McLean - Priest Of Lies

Eleanor Thom - Private Parts: How To Really Live With Endometriosis

Benjamin Stevenson - She Lies In The Vines

Erin Kelly - Stone Mothers

Jenny Hale - Summer At Firefly Beach

Lilas Taha - Bitter Almonds

Jocelyn Davis - The Art Of Quiet Influence: Timeless Wisdom For Leading Without Authority

Jessica Andrews - Saltwater

Jo Spain - The Boy Who Fell

Christian Cameron - Rage Of Ares

Lucy Banks - The Case Of The Green-Dressed Ghost

William McIlvanney - Strange Loyalties

Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud - The Corsair

Sarah Loth - Missing Person Christian Cameron - The Great King

Mary Stewart - The Ivy Tree

William McIlvanney - The Papers Of Tony Vetch

Jen Williams - The Posion Song

Emma Kennedy - The Things We Left Unsaid

Dina Nayeri - The Ungrateful Refugee

Christina Bradley - Thirty

Mary Stewart - Thunder On The Right

Kit Fielding - Thursday Nights At The Bluebell Inn

Mary Stewart - Touch Not The Cat

D.K Hood - Whisper In The Night

Dr Caroline Fertleman & Simone Cave - Your Baby, Week By Week

Charles Mingus - Beneath The Undergog

Anthony Riches - The Scorpion’s Strike - Empire: Volume Ten

Sophie Devonshire - Superfast: Lead At Speed

M.M. Chouinard - Taken To The Grave

Christopher Hinz - Starship Alchemon

Daisy Buchanan - The Sisterhood: A Love Letter To The Women Who Have Shaped Me

Sharon Blackie - Foxfire, Wolfskin And Other Stories Of Shapeshifting Women

Carolin Rath - Das Erbe Der Wintersteins (German)

Isabel San Sebastian - Lo Ultimo Que Veran Tus Ojos (Spanish)

David McCaffery - Hellbound

Fernando Rudea - El Regreso De El Lobo (Spanish)

Jens Christian Grøndahl - Portret Van Een Man (Dutch)

Sana Krasikov - The Patriots

Santa Montefiore - De Laatste Roos Van De Zomer (Dutch)

Mara Laue - Talisher Blues: Ein Schottland-Krimi (German)

Leslie Shimotakahara - After The Bloom

Julia Baird – An Intimate Biography Of The Woman Who Ruled An Empire

Megan Maxwell - Sigueme La Corriente (Spanish)

Anton Chekhov – Ivanov

Sarah Jio - De Geheimzinnige Tuin (Dutch)

Judith Vogt - Die Verlorene Puppe (German)

Fikry El Azzouzi - Alleen Zij (Dutch)

Philip Pullman - La Belle Salvage (Spanish version)

Sabri Louatah - De Franse Bruiloft (Dutch)

Noah Gordon - El Medico (Spanish)

Mason Cross - Het Jachtseizoen (Dutch)

Javier Moro - A Flor De Piel (Spanish)

Philip Pullman - El Catalejo-lacado (Spanish)

Jean-Pierre Charbonneau - Camus Doit Mourir (French)

Justin Hill - Viking Fire

Sarah K. Marr - All The Perverse Angels

Kyle Fitzpatrick - The Secret Of The Ninth Stone

Charity Parkerson – Clinch

Jack Fernley - America Über Alles

Ellen Verstrepen – Oker (Dutch)

Chris Bishop - Love And Destiny

Martine McDonagh - Narcissism For Beginners

Kathleen Cremonesi - Love In The Elephant Tent: How Running Away With The Circus Brought Me Home

Linda Howard - The Woman Left Behind

Liam Callanan - Paris By The Book: A Novel

Christine Higdon - The Very Marrow Of Our Bones

Lucy Wood - Sing Of The Shore

The Evening Standard – Underground: Tales For London

Tamsin Grey – Metropolitan

Willy Vlautin - Laat Me Niet Vallen (Dutch)

Jordi Sierra - El Beso Azul (Spanish)

Sarah Françoise - Stories We Tell Ourselves

Stein Riverton - The Iron Chariot

Rachel Edwards – Darling

Melanie Muhl - How We Eat With Our Eyes And Think With Our Stomach: The Hidden Influences That Shape Your Eating Habits

Naomi Novik - Ontworteld (Dutch)

Julie Cohen - Zij, Jij en Ik (Dutch)

Julie Shaw - Hidden Sin: When The Past Comes Back To Haunt You

Mandeep Rai - The Values Compass: What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life, and Leadership

Piper Stone - His As Payment: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Masters Book 1)

Jenny Hale - A Christmas To Remember

Robin Paige - Death At Bishops Keep

Rita Chowdhry - Get Savvi: The Transformation Of An Unfulfilled Wife, An Entitled Son And A Preoccupied Businessman

Molly Aitken - The Island Child

Ed James - Tell Me Lies

Molly Macrae - Thistles And Thieves (The Highland Bookshop Mystery Series)

Rebecca Royce - Illicit Senses

Warren Gatland - Pride and Passion, My Autobiography

James Boardman - It's A State Of Mind: Stop Existing, Start Living

Claudia Hammond - The Art Of Rest: How To Find Respite In The Modern Age

Laura Elliot - In My Mother's Name

Julian Barnes - Arthur & George

Zinovia Dushkova - The Book Of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record Of Human Destiny And Evolution

Damien Lewis - SAS Shadow Raiders

Jennifer Chase - Her Last Whisper

Christopher Hinz - Starship Alchemon

Daisy Buchanan - The Sisterhood: A Love Letter To The Women Who Have Shaped Me

Sharon Blackie - Foxfire, Wolfskin And Other Stories Of Shapeshifting Women

Kerry Watts - Her Missing Child

Alexander Baron - From The City, From The Plough

Anthony Ricards - Guests Of The Third Reich

Sarah Hall - Sudden Traveller: Stories

Mandeep Rai - The Values Compass: What 101 Countires Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership

Layla F Saad - Me And White Supremacy: How To Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism And Change The World 

Dr Jenny Goodman - Staying Alive In Toxic Time: A Seasonal Guide to Lifelong Health 

Pete Paphides - Broken Greek 

Laura Carlin - Requiem For A Knave 

Alice Vincent - Rootbound: Rewlding a Life

Sarah Clutton - The Daughter's Promise

Anne Perry - One Fatal Flaw

Alison Dagnes - Super Mad At Everything All The Time

Jo Spain - Beaneath The Surface

Clare Chase - Mystery On Hidden Lane 

Smita Joshi - Karma & Diamonds: Book 3 - Diamond Revealed

B.R. Spangler - Taken From Home

Susan Wilkins - Damage Done

The Rev. Islay Burns - The Pastor of Kilsyth or, Memorials of the line and times of the Rev.W.H.Burns D.D 

Catherine Hokin - What Only We Know

Ed James - Gone in Seconds

Gianluca Vialli - Goals: Inspirational Stories To Help Tackle Life’s Challenges

Julie Clark - The Flight

Carl Neville - Eminent Domain

Samantha Hayes - The Happy Couple 

Louise McCreesh - Cracked

Shubhangi Swarup - Latitudes of Longing 

Rebecca Miller - Personal Velocity

Amy Lane - I Can Run: An Empowering Guide to Running Well Far

Tim Rich - The Quality of Madness: A Life of Marcelo Bielsa

Simon Lancaster - Winning Minds: Secrets From The Language of Leadership

Tatiana Arias - Love Heals: Instantly Transform Your Body, Your Money And Your Relationships

Daniela Sacerdotal - The Italian Villa

Miranda Smith - Some Days Are Dark

Lucy Atkins - Magpie Lane

Bob Hillary - Simplify: How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad

Luke Harding - Shadow State: Murder,Mayhem, and Russia’s Remaking of the West

Dana Perry - The Golden Girl  

Alas Murray - The Magnolia Sisters

Pam Howes - The Midwives of Lark Lane

Siena Castellon - The Spectrum Girl’s Survival guide: How to Grow Up Awesome and Autistic

Cassia St Clair - The Secret Lives of Colour

Bolu Babalola - Love In Colour 

J.D. KIRK - The Last Bloody Straw

Ali Mercer - My Mother’s Choice 

Robert Macfarlane - The Wild Places

Anthony Riches - River of Gold 

Erin Kinsley - Innocent 

Helena Dixon - Murder at the Playhouse 

S.G.Maclean - The House of Lamentations 

Jo Spain - After the Fire 

Sabine Durrant - Finders, Keepers 

George Alagiah  - A Passage To Africa 

Terry White - Coming Undone, A Memoir

Stacey Green - The Girls In The Snow

Georgina Cross - The Step Daughter

J.D. Kirk - A Whisper Of Sorrows - A DCI Jack Logan Thriller 

Sian Evans - Maiden Voyages - Women and the Golden Age of Transatlantic Travel

Kate Hewitt - The Heart Goes On 

Lizzie O'Hagan - What Are Friends For?

Kristin Harper - Summer at Hope Haven 

Dr Richard Taylor - The Mind of a Murderer

Damien Lewis - SAS Band of Brothers 

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup - Dream, Believe, Succeed

Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke - Loud Black Girls: 20 Black Women Writers Ask: What's Next?

Clara Benson - The Stolen Letter

Theresa Cheung - 100 Ways To Be Kind

Brothers Grimm - Hansel and Gretel 

Dan Walker - Remarkable People

Damien Lewis - SAS Band of Brothers

Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish - Clanlands

Susan Goldman Rubin - Mary Seacole: Bound for the Battlefield

Kate Hewitt - When You Were Mine

Ben Timberlake - High Risk

Alan Moore - Voice of Fire

CJ Lyons - The Drowned Woman

Karen King- The Stranger in My Bed

Kate Hewitt - The Orphan's Island

R L Ferguson - School of Alyxa: Secrets and Shadows

R L Ferguson - School of Alyxa: Curse of Morvan

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu - This Is Why I Resist

Danielle McLaughlin - The Art of Falling

Kabir Kareem-Bello - The Street Hawker's Apprentice

Kate Hewitt - Dreams of the Island

Georgina Cross - The Missing Woman

Nick Thacker - The Patriot

Camilla Collins - No Filter Needed

Joël Dicker - The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer

Chris Paley - Beyond Bad  

Yrsa Sigurdardóttir - The Doll 

D.K. Hood - Be Mine Forever

Jamie Victoria Barnes - Building Confidence, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in Young Children (A Practical Guide Using Growth Mindset,  Forest School and Multiple Intelligences 

Jan Hall and Jon Stokes - Changing Gear: Creating the Life You Want After a Full-On Career

Marion Kummerow - Not Without My Sister 

R L Ferguson - School of Alyxa: The Sixth Warden Rises

Andrew Wyatt - Pro Leadership: Establishing You Credibility, Building Your Following and Leading With Impact

Helene Flood - The Therapist

Adam Southward - The Stranger Next Door

Peter Hanington - A Cursed Place

L.B. Hathaway - Murder At Maypole Manor

John Rhodes - A Slender Thread

Meia Geddes - The Little Queen

Rose James - The Beginning And The End Of Us 

Donna Ashcroft - The Little Christmas Teashop Of Second Chances

Karen Cole - Deceive Me

Dr Caroline Fertleman & Simone Cave - Your Baby Week By Week

Mike Gayle - Half A World Away

Dan Walker - Remarkable People

Brain Alexander - The Hospital

Kathryn Casey - The Blessed Bones

Inkitt - Beautiful Mistake

Martin Walker - The Coldest Case

Joanne Steer - Understanding ADHD In Girls And Women  

Lene Kaaberbol - The Shamers Daughter
Faridah Abike-Iyimide - Ace of Spades

Trey Taylor - A CEO Only Does Three Things: Finding Your Focus in the C-Suite

Christian Cameron - Tom Swan and The Last Spartans
Jane Carter Woodrow - Rose West: The Making Of A Monster
Inkitt - Hated By My Mate

Inkitt - The Alpha King
Anne L. MacDonell - Glen Rowan: Lochaber Glen

Cameron Johnston - The Maleficent Seven

Christina Courtenay - Whispers Of The Runes

Christian Cameron - The Hawkwoods Sword
John Amaechi - The Promises Of Giants

Ellie Pilcher - What Planet Can I Blame This On?

Calder Szewczak, Emma Szewczak, and Natasha Calder - The Offset
Jackie Clune - Give A Little Love
Kim Un-su - The Cabinet

Gareth Timmins - Becoming the 0.1%

Julia Roberts - The Woman On The Beach

Nice Nailantei Leng'ete - The Girl In The Wild Fig Tree

Inkitt - Different
Tad Williams - Brothers Of The Wind

Adam Peaty - The Gladiators Mindset

Inkitt - Found

Sue Knight - NLP At Work 4th Edition

Shari J. Ryan - The Bookseller Of Dachau

Holly Miller - What Might Have Been

Siri Hustvedt - Mothers, Fathers and Others: New Essays
Inkitt - Haunted Book 2

Inkitt - Alpha's Second Chance Nymph Book 3

Christopher C. Starr - Come Hell Or High Water

Inkitt - Love Bites
Inkitt - Alpha King Book 2

Inkitt - Mated to the Warewolf King Book 2

Inkitt - Fat Keily
Bella Jacobs - My Big Fat Bloodsucker Wedding

Edgar Dice Burroughs (Wahlbeck INC.) - The Gods of Mars
Inkitt - Mated To The Warewolf Book 3

Inkitt - Home Wrecking Alpha

Patricia David - The Her'story of Davidisms

John Rhodes - Infinite Stakes
Rocco Manfredi - Pause, Rewind, Play: Old Rules For A New World 
Inkitt - Mated To The Warewolf Book 3
Stephanie Krol - Pet Food: What The Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You

Ali Master - Beyond The Golden Door
Heather Martin - The Wheel of Wellness: Seven Habits of Healthy Happy People
David Munson - Get Real

Hillary B. Marotta - Playing My Heart Out: One Ringers Passion For Handbells

Tory Schabb  - Go With Me On This

Ann Shepphird - Destination Maui: A Destination Murder Mystery
Dana Knowles - P.A.U.S.E: 5 Steps To Be More At Peace With Yourself And The World You Live In

Don Hooper - Power Thinking: Discovering The Unknown By Unlocking Your Brain 
Gary Arblaster - Making Millions, Going Broke

David Armstrong - The World's Largest Perpetually Full Birdfeeder/Birdhive 

Sterling Hawkins  - Hunting Discomfort

Isabelle Guarino  - Living Legacy

Scott Gregory - Achieve Anything

Hiron Ennes - Leech
Putsata Reang - Ma and Me

Paulo Savaget - The Four Workarounds

Erika T. Wurth - White Horse

Graham Boynton - Wild: The Life Of Peter Beard 

Michael Pietrack - Legacy: The Saga Begins

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